Interested in ATMC Bringing Faster Internet To Pender County?


ATMC is working to bring faster, more reliable Internet service to residents and businesses in areas of Pender County that today are unserved or underserved.

ATMC has applied for federal grant funds through a United States Department of Agriculture ReConnect Grant to provide services to over 5,600 homes and businesses located in rural areas of Pender County. If grant funds are secured, ATMC will bring high speed Internet speeds of up to one gigabit per second delivered over a 100% fiber optic network to rural areas near Atkinson, Currie, and Maple Hill. Grant awards are expected to be announced later this year.

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If you live in an area in need of better Internet service and would like to show your willingness to support ATMC in this endeavor, we ask that you submit a letter of support. Please select the category which best describes you. Here you will find more details, as well as a sample letter you may use as a guide.

Please refer to the map below to determine what ATMC is doing to improve high speed Internet services in your area.


  ReConnect Grant (Application Pending)


Who We Are

ATMC is a nonprofit cooperative, owned by its members. We began serving the people of neighboring Brunswick County in 1955 and have grown to become the largest communications cooperative in North Carolina offering High Speed Internet, Cable TV, Business Communications, Security, and Wireless, to over 38,000 customers in Brunswick and Columbus Counties.
ATMC was built to serve rural areas. We’ve had great success securing grant funds necessary to expand high speed internet into communities that desperately needed it.

In May of 2019 ATMC won a $1 million grant through the NC GREAT Grant program which is enabling us to serve nearly 800 homes in the Beaverdam and Williams Township communities. In November, ATMC won a $7.93 million ReConnect grant from the United States Department of Agriculture which is part of a $15.87 million project that will enable us to expand availability of high-speed internet services to over 4,000 homes and business near Hallsboro, Tabor City, Bolton, Lake Waccamaw and Northern Columbus County. Work is already underway to bring high-speed internet service to these communities.
To date, ATMC has won over $25 million in grants used to build high speed internet to underserved communities in southeastern North Carolina. In addition, we have invested millions more by self-funding high speed internet projects that have impacted thousands of rural customers.

ATMC wants to eliminate the digital divide in eastern North Carolina. Help us bring fast, reliable and affordable high-speed internet service to Pender County.

ATMC Services

ATMC delivers services over a 100% fiber optic network. A fiber optic connection ensures access to services of superior quality and performance, including an amazingly fast Internet connection!

Faster Internet:

Our fiber optic network delivers broadband speeds of up to 1 Gigabit – giving users an incredible connection.

Next-Generation TV:

Stream your ATMC channel lineup using your smart TV or streaming device. Enjoy features like Cloud DVR, Start Over, Look Back, and more.

Unlimited Phone:

Unlimited nationwide calling with popular phone features and voicemail included.


ATMC Security provides 24/7 monitoring and state-of-the-art smart home technology.

Outstanding Service:

ATMC is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We’ve been named Best Customer Service each year for the past 12 years!



Fiber Optic networks deliver broadband speeds up to 1 Gigabit – the fastest, most powerful connection around.


Research shows that a home in a fiber optic network community is worth more than a similar home in a non-fiber optic network community.


Fiber optic technology is resistant to corrosion, not susceptible to lightning damage and has a longer life expectancy.


The ATMC fiber optic network is backed by our award-winning customer service.



Because of the nearly limitless connection, fiber optic network homes are better equipped for the communications and entertainment technologies of tomorrow.


Fiber optic networks are green, energy-efficient and less intrusive to neighborhood landscapes.