Great news! ATMC has been notified by the United States Department of Agriculture that it has been awarded a grant through the ReConnect Broadband Grant program to connect over 17,000 people living in rural Pender County to incredible broadband speeds of up to one Gigabit. The grant, totaling $21.6 million dollars, will require a $7.2 million dollar contribution from ATMC bringing the total project cost to $28.8 million dollars of investment in Pender County. With these funds, ATMC will build a state-of-the-art fiber optic network past over 7,000 unserved and under-served homes and businesses in the Atkinson, Currie, Mooretown, Maple Hill and White Stocking communities.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the many residents, farmers, business owners and community leaders who supported us in our work to secure this grant. Your support was a key factor in helping make our application a success. We are excited to be able to serve you.

This announcement is just the first step in the process to bring better internet to Pender County. Now that the project will be funded, ATMC will be able to start the process of designing the network, completing required environmental studies, securing the materials needs for construction, and completing all state and federal paperwork required of a project this size. Our plan is to push through this as quickly possible so that we may start as soon as the USDA allows. Once construction begins, we anticipate the total project to take between 24 to 36 months to complete.

Please refer to the map below to see where internet will be available. To stay up-to-date on news surrounding the progress of this project, continue to check this page or call 910-755-8215.


  ReConnect Grant (Coming 2021-2022)


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We’re Bringing Faster Internet to Southeastern North Carolina

ATMC has a strong history of providing broadband to rural areas and in maximizing the use of grant dollars for the betterment of rural communities. In 2010, ATMC received a $12 million grant through the USDA to build a fiber optic network to the unserved Columbus County communities of Nakina and Old Dock. Today, ATMC provides high speed internet service to over 2,000 residents and approximately 60 businesses in this area with more than 90% taking speeds of 250 Mbps or greater. ATMC contributed $4 million to this project.

In May of 2019, ATMC received a $1 million-dollar grant from the NC GREAT Grant Program to serve residents and businesses in the Columbus County Community of Beaverdam. ATMC contributed approximately $3 million in additional funding to this project. In December of 2019, ATMC won a $7.9 million-dollar USDA ReConnect Grant to serve over 4,000 Columbus County homes in the rural areas near Tabor City, Hallsboro, Bolton, Lake Waccamaw, and areas north of Whiteville. ATMC will match the USDA grant dollar-for-dollar for a total investment of $15.8 million dollars.

This year, ATMC was awarded $3.7 million-dollars grant funding from the NC GREAT Grant program to serve residents and businesses in the Columbus County towns of Fair Bluff and Boardman, Robeson County communities of Orrum and Proctorville, as well as rural areas of Duplin County west of Magnolia, Rose Hill and Teachey.


Simply enter your name in the address field located in the top right corner of the map found on this page to determine if you will be included in the project.
ATMC will begin working on this project immediately following the grant award. The first phase of the project includes completing the grant acceptance paperwork, doing environmental protection studies and designing the new fiber optic network. The actual construction phase is likely to begin early next year.
The project will cover more than 538 sq. miles and will bring faster internet to more than 17,500 rural Pender County residents. Because of the size of the project, we anticipate that the project will take between 24 to 36 months to complete.
The construction phase will be broken up into several small construction phases. Service will be made available for subscription as construction for each phase is completed.
Please continue to follow this page for updates about the project.
ATMC will restore or repair any damage that may occur during the construction process, including the replacement of sod. Any repairs caused by our construction will be made at our expense. If your yard has damage once crews have completed work, call 910-755-1815 or email Be sure to include your name, address, contact number, and a detailed description of the damage. Please allow time (one to two weeks) for your yard to settle before reporting any damage.
No. In most cases ATMC’s fiber optic equipment is at ground level unlike other providers which have pedestals above ground.
After the construction process is complete and the fiber has been installed, ATMC technicians will begin the splicing and testing phases. This process usually takes a couple weeks. Once testing is complete, an ATMC service representative will contact you to schedule an installation appointment.
ATMC Internet and telephone services will each need a dedicated Cat5-e cable. Many homes are already equipped with Cat5-e. ATMC will provide one Cat5-e cable at no charge, if your home needs it to accept our FOCUS service.
Yes, ATMC has the ability to port your existing telephone number without an interruption of service.

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ATMC delivers services over a 100% fiber optic network. A fiber optic connection ensures access to services of superior quality and performance, including an amazingly fast Internet connection!

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Our fiber optic network delivers broadband speeds of up to 1 Gigabit – giving users an incredible connection.

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ATMC is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We’ve been named Best Customer Service each year for the past 12 years!



Fiber Optic networks deliver broadband speeds up to 1 Gigabit – the fastest, most powerful connection around.


Research shows that a home in a fiber optic network community is worth more than a similar home in a non-fiber optic network community.


Fiber optic technology is resistant to corrosion, not susceptible to lightning damage and has a longer life expectancy.


The ATMC fiber optic network is backed by our award-winning customer service.



Because of the nearly limitless connection, fiber optic network homes are better equipped for the communications and entertainment technologies of tomorrow.


Fiber optic networks are green, energy-efficient and less intrusive to neighborhood landscapes.